1) How Can Hair Patch Apply ?

There are 3 methods to apply hair patch, First Method is with double sided tape, Second is with Clip, and Third is With Glue (Silicon Bonding)

2) Which Method is Suit For Me ?

Simple answer is, If you are living in Ahmedabad or near by and take expanse for service in 20 to 30 days than Glue method is prefer, Otherwise you can go for double sided tape or clip method if you want to do own service at home.

3) Does hair patch look natural ?

Yes, You will get 100% natural look in all 3 methods.

4) Can i drive bike or wear helmet after apply hair patch?

Without any worry you can drive bike and wear helmet.

5) How many time i can wash hair patch in a week?

In all 3 methods, 2 times in a week is recommended with shampoo and conditioner both.

6) can i give hair sample before buy hair patch?

This is just formalities for impress to clients, All patch comes ready made.

7) How long does hair bonding take?

Just 45 minuets to 1 hour process and you will get 100% natural look.

8) Can i apply Oil or Gel on hair patch ?

No, Oil is very sticky, and gel is not recommended for hair patch life, you have to apply hair serum daily.

9) Its surgical or non surgical process?

its 100% non surgical process without any hurt.

10) Can I sleep with hair patch?

In clip method you have to remove hair patch at night, rest 2 method you can sleep as normal.

11) Can I swim daily with a hair patch?

As a point of sell you can swim everyday, But the truth is you can swim occasionally not daily.

12) Is Hair patch apply method is safe?

yes, absolutely, Its safe.

For Video of hair patch process, Please click on below link.


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